One-stop-shop for effective ESG tracking and reporting

We offer an integrated SaaS-platform granting you access to a fully automated accounting system for ESG reporting.

Stay ahead of competition, comply with regulation and take control of your impact today.

Why choose our software?

Our solutions are designed to track, report and improve your ESG impact. No manual data gathering, no juggling with different systems. Our SaaS platform automates it all. Just lean back and finish that bag of candy, while the software works for you. 

The features for you are multiple:


Data ingestion, performing calculations and disclosing the results are automated.


All relevant legislation and protocols are integrated.


Covering all 10 ESG topics of EU legislation.


Traceability, data quality and level of detail facilitate assurance from accountant.


High frequency tracking of ESG performance becomes a reality.

Why choose our software?

The ESG solution for our clients

Efficient data collection
Services Salacia
Support client data collection on all ESG topics
Automatized data collection via API integration
Bulk data upload and manual data entry (if required)
Frequent update environmental indicators
Enable decision making and unlock business value
Real time impact results
Powerful insights through secure dashboard
Easy ESG-compliance
Automatized impact reports complying with EU-legislation
Easy auditable reports for accountants
Access to detailed calculations and audit trail
Friendly support
Technical support
Check on impact calculations
Support with audit by accountants
New releases & automatized updates

The benefits

The benefits

The results you receive are Actionable insights, Auditable reports and Granular data, all provided through:

No new data-entry

Operational data for ESG-monitoring and reporting is already stored in your systems.

Secure transfer of data

Salacia connects to your systems through API’s and other data exchange options.

Automated calculation engine

Once connected, our TÜV certified SaaS platform continuously generates valuable ESG insights.

Easy access to results

The results are presented to the client through powerful dashboards and auditable reports.

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