Karolina Placek – Front-End Developer

Anna van den Berg – Marketing manager

Utku Erdogan – Stagiaire bij Salacia Solutions

Salacia Solutions Builds Cloud-Native ESG Reporting Solution with inQdo Cloud on AWS

Acht start-ups sluiten zich aan bij LightSpeed Accelerator Lefebvre Sarrut / Sdu in 2024

Bedrijven worden afgerekend op duurzaamheid (Trouw, 30-12-23)

Sales & Partnership manager Stefan Loos 

Salacia Solutions is a B Corporation!

Woordvoerder Murco Mijnlieff

Full Stack Developer Joshua de Lange

Sustainability Expert Sinja Li

Junior DevOps Engineer – Girmay Baraki

From calculating in Euros to calculating in CO2

Elisabeth Gabalova – Coding/Sustainability Expert/Cognitive Sciences 

Artikel over Salacia in het Financieel Dagblad

Advertentie in het Financieel Dagblad

Adryan Frey – Stagiaire Front End Development

Erich Molz – Sustainability Expert

Maak kennis met Salacia, Microlab interview

Diane Zandee, MSc RC – Nyenrode Business University

Front End Developer – Eliana Dominguez

ESG reporting not as it should be yet? Don’t wait for it!

Stagiaire – Puck van Schaik

Stagiaire – Hugo Stinis

Stagiaire – Sandra Schep

The Bench – Hans Peters

Carbon neutral, net zero or climate positive? The carbon-terminology guide

The Bench – Guido Dubbeld

CSRD – End of year update

Salacia unlocks Scope 3 emission insights for Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

CSRD Update! All you need to know about current developments

How to measure your company’s ESG impact, lesson 101

Why you should care about the biodiversity crisis

Introducing Salacia: A Revolutionary Solution for ESG Tracking and Reporting

Understanding double materiality

Partnership Van de Vin en Salacia Solutions

Whitepaper sustainability reporting: what, when, and how?

The Science Based Targets – the route to help meet the Paris Agreement

Carbon offsetting or insetting? What’s the way to go for companies?

VU Amsterdam partners with Salacia for tracking its environmental impact

Understanding CBAM, the EU’s levy on “imported emissions”

EU Regulation Requires Thousands of Companies to Map Sustainability

A Summary of the new IPCC Report on Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerabilities

SNB partners with Salacia to continuously monitor its ecological footprint

A new sheriff in town – The International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB)

Carbon tunnel vision: 5 reasons why you should go beyond measuring CO2

The EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) explained

The EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) explained

The EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Activities explained

Who should be mainly responsible for environmental impact tracking in companies?

6 trends in impact tracking and reporting you should know about

Scope 3 emissions – Looking beyond your own fence

Getting your ESG-proposition right prerequisite for financial health

A summary of the IPCC’s summary report

A small guide to a big world of reporting standards (1/2)

A small guide to a big world of reporting standards (2/2)

Urgency of measurable impact strategy grows

The greener the forest, the more likely you’ll get lost

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